Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Branding, the failure of the many


Branding and building a following online. The idea is to get the most viewers across all social media (especially where money is involved) and get participation. For Mmo Slayers it's about getting people interested in games to play together, for UPM Gaming its about d&d and for Pixel Slayers its about Minecraft.

Its great to see people create and creation is fun! It can be profitable and it can be a way of life for some. For me, I have always been trying to build a business, ever since high school I wanted to run something, but was too late to the online party. I have tried real business, thought of stores, built websites and all of it never panned out.

Then I watched Game Grumps . . .

Its not about what they do (play games), but about the small secrets they let slip here and there. I have recreated some of what they do on YouTube and found some money in it yes, but the main draw is to get EVERYONE to work together.

That is one hard f**king statement. I have pushed friends from school, work, gaming friends, and so on. Man, no one wants to work together, they just don't. If there is no upfront payoff, if it's not easy, if it's not their idea, they want no part of it. However look at the idea behind Game Grumps, he got a band to work with him, he got comedians to work with him, he got people who did their own thing to work with him, how the hell do I get everyone to work with me?

My thought, based off what I've learned is to have a mass YouTube channel (JUST ONE) where everyone works together. I put up D&D, a friend steams dark souls, another guy streams our Minecraft servers and does interviews, another reviews mmo's. WE WORK TOGETHER!

Why? Because, it's work, its so much work to do it alone. Think of it this way, if you did your small show two days a week (or released videos), and another did their one video another day and another did his/her stuff a different day. Now your channel has stuff coming out almost every day, every week.


But no one wants to do this. They want their own channels, their own group names, their own brand. So each in turn fails or puts out little to no money or fame. There is no way to force anyone to work together I have tried and I have tried. The key is to find someone who wants to join you, but that is also like finding gold in Odin's beard.

I was sparked by Andrews idea of a podcast since I listen to postcasts and was thinking of a podcast for me and Jeff to do after D&D. Jeff is just not a creative type and would try his best, but his heart would not be in it. However Andrews idea sparked this, because he is trying, always trying to get something, anything moving and so am I. I want to do this podcast because I think it can gather a following, but again who's brand are we using?

In my mind I have the perfect layout for the podcast and how to deliver it and where we should host it and how we can tie it to YouTube etc. In his mind he has a way he wants it done and how he will present it and we both will never agree past a point, because he wants to build one brand and me another. There is no boss cause there is no money, so no one person can go ahead and take over or have everyone follow their lead. This is the hard part of down fall of the idea in the end. While I want to participate and make it rock, I think "Man this would be much better one UPM Gaming's YouTube channel and blogs to build the brand!"

Now that is my thinking ahead, nothing has been done yet. It was just reading Andrew's blog (which is always good and never abandoned) that got me thinking about all this besides after each Sunday night D&D game. Hmm is there potential here to take his passion for Minecraft servers and match it with my streams of his servers in videos on YouTube or will we just end up at a creative roadblock again?

Just quick thoughts off my head which I felt I needed to put into a blog post both on Slayers Inquest and on UPM Gaming's blog.

More on branding and creative co-operation to come I am sure!

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