Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Slayers Inquest "Eso Edition"

Well let's try this . . . 
What is "The Slayer's Inquest" doing in blog format you may ask?
Well . . . 

Since our vote has become squashed, I decided to follow another member and use a blog as my area to do the things I want to do and add to "Our" site. 

Ahhhh January 2014 full of new Steam games, new mmo's out this year and a few new minecraft worlds to play in. Seems to be a pretty good one so far . . . 

One of the best things that I am looking forward to is "Elder Scrolls Online". After playing the beta I found this game very fun. Now it is not a MMO style game like most would think, it seems more like "Skyrim" online, which is fine since I like Skyrim. The interface is clean and clear and free of "Press 1 to attack" no whirlwind, no charge, just smash the utter f**k out of anyone and anything using whatever is in your hand.

Hey this is how Skyrim is played so apply same focus. The downside, which is also an upside is that there is no rag dolling and no physics on the weapons. This makes the game faster and smoother with the characters being more an image than a collection of things that could go wrong or slow things down. I like the characters how they are even though they just fall at your feet and vanish quickly. 

The game is going to be fun and I will be playing it with or without everyone else since it is just fun to play in the "Elder Scrolls" world. 

The next major game I played this year is "Torchlight II". This game is WAY better than "Diablo 3" and even "Path of Exile". Since it plays like a diablo game you get how it works, however in this game you have endless adventures as there is heavy heavy modding. You can play endless quests designed by many people, change your toon and add items to the game. The cartoon graphics are "Warcraft" like instead of that realistic fantasy you would find in Path of Exile or Horror graphics you find in diablo. 

So my opinion on new logos on our site varies, one thing I do not agree with is the use of old/ crappy or minor games being featured in a major way. Games like "DDO" gave way to "Neverwinter". In this case DDO should have been folded, not promoted. We seem to have games like "Defiance", "DDO", "Neverwinter", even "Rift" featured when the major users of the site don't play these games. While they are mmo's and have a place the banner is no place for them. Lately many lists have been made of the major mmo's everyone play's and while opinions may get tossed around there is NO GAME TO DATE that can or will unseat "World of Warcraft". 

Warcraft should with out a shadow of a doubt be given top billing in all cases. The fact that every member but one has played this game and we topped out at 7 people online from our site on it at once makes it #1. 

NEXT up is "Everquest Next" which is two games in one. One is a MAJOR mmo which will be free to play and just as good as the Everquest games were. The other is a build your own world with stuff you can put up to sell! This is one to watch!!

Finally all eyes are on "Shroud of the Avatar" for it's in game housing which is like "Ultima Online" in 3d as a brand new MMO! Designed by Richard Garrott himself this is going to beat the s**t out of anything else, dungeons, raids, who cares, we got customization in housing. I dare anyone to out do what they are doing in this game right now for housing!

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