Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Slayers Inquest "Sweet Roll Edition"

"Let me guess... someone stole your sweet roll?"

The best game coming out this spring is clearly "The Elder Scrolls Online". I got to play this beta two times and each time there was no lag, the graphics were amazing, the combat "fun", the classes, races and professions are top notch and true to the series.

So many fun ways to play and to switch you just pick up the weapon. You don't go to stormwind and respect by paying gold, you don't lost talents, you don't only get two specs, you get them all. Just pick up what you want and start fighting with it, in time you unlock points towards making your spec better. I went from sword and shield to two weapon fighting instantly and starting putting points into it to do major attacks.

Puzzles to think on, all voice acted and animated, with zones that all have their own unique feel. The ability to loot everything just like in the games (Via boxes and the like) give you hours of something to do as you play. Just like other elder scrolls games the only thing on screen is your health, stamina and magic meter, which increase as you play. The map is amazing having on a simple bar up to to guide you, you will always know where to go and can quickly get on you way.

The graphics are true to the series and even fixed up, as in the normal elder scrolls you rely heavy on mods to make your appearance more fitting as the game generates low class skins. In this mmo however the skins are well done and the characters look quite good off the start. The environment is fitting and outdone by areas like this volcano where the lava flows into the questing area requiring you to jump over it or go around it.

I am excited to get playing elder scrolls online for the insane amount of quests this game has just like in the rest of the series, the possibility of adding more and more content as it goes makes it something to always look forward to playing. This is not a game which has any type of "end game" feel, nor is it expected to do so, just a great questing game where you play at your pace and do the adventures you want to do.

The play was smooth and fun, can't wait to get back into this game and be able to show off my elder scroll adventures with people for the first time!

The next fun game this spring, which is NOT new but recently picked up for 50% off on Steam is Borderlands 2.

Continuing my game as Gauge the Mecromancer, I am replaying this game on computer with its ability to play with any of my Steam friends! I can drop in on them or they can drop into my game, this eliminates the console argument and has more ppl that I can play with.

The game is coming to an end sadly, but there is LOTS to do still. There are the DLC's of Scarlet, Macho Man, Hammerlocks Hunt, and Tiny Tina's D&D thing. Then there are the holiday DLC's of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines day as well as a final DLC to come about Hammerlock again to wrap up the game.

The next game will NOT be Borderlands 3, but Tales from the Borderlands soon to be released. Borderlands is a terrific shooter/rpg in which you level up, spec into talent trees and go on a huge amount of quests across the game.

Will be looking forward to playing this all spring along side Elder Scrolls Online. Speaking of Steam games, I picked up both "Darkout" and "Starbound" which are similar in many ways. Both games are in BETA and are full of bugs, but have great promise.

Darkout, pictured here, has high res graphics and amazing lighting, you build and explore just like terrarria or star bound, however in this one your ship has crashed and you must explore this planet. The graphics are amazing, but the controls are very very tuff in this game, the learning curve is high and you have to really spend time getting to know it.

Trove is another game making it into ALPHA, while the team making this game is having more fun playing then even trying to make anything of it, the community is divided into people who want to play all cutesie as friends and build, and those who want to play their way and destroy. When you release a sandbox game with no goal in mind you get people who want to create and people who want to destroy. Both are allowed to play the game and since both opinions are valid I see no reason why both can't exist. However I foresee the crying winning out on this game in general and the creators winning. How ever the HELL this game can be an MMO is beyond me unless GM's literally sit in game 24-7 deciding if a flower placed near a tree is griefing or art. The debate will continue.

Finally let us not forget the greatest MMO ever created by man and by man we mean of course Chris Metzin. Oh yes our 90's are on the way, and we could not be happier to . . . replay outlands? Oh well, at least no one can bash us for Pandas and Pokemon when we get to replay a great expansion that was released years ago. Up next, will clearly be Wrath of the Lich King II Revenge of Arthas ghost followed by Yet Another Cataclysm and Oh more mist covered Panda lands 2 the inner peace saga.

And anything not mentioned is irrelevant. LOL

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