Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Slayers Inquest "Greatest Game EVA! Edition"


No wait that's the script for RAW!

Today we are talking ESO, that's right "The Elder Scrolls Online". Here is a game that is actually FUN, no you don't have to grind levels and get to the end to raid Garrosh or the metal robot king in Wildstar. Nope, this game could be matched to Ultima Online (Hence the elder scrolls ONLINE) where you just Play The Way You Like! 

At one point you talk to the "Quest Giver" for lack of a better term, (no there is no "!" over his head, come on it's 2014 what game would possibly still try ripping that off of wow?) no in this game you just talk to people, you don't even starwars talk and choose, but you talk. It's fully voice acted and they actually tell you the story and involve you and ask your choice. There is no run to the guy, smash the buttons to get the quest and run off, no you actually listen, make choices and then go do what you think is required of the adventure. 

Back to my point, you actually talk to the quest giver and he wraps up the adventure for you, HOWEVER at the table are some men who are part of the guild you just finished helping so guess what? When you talk to them they do what they do in any Elder Scrolls game, they tell you where to go adventure! They open places on your map (Caves) to go look for treasure in or go slay goblins in. NO they are NOT quests! NO they DO NOT get handed in! They are just places to adventure, but if you never took the time to talk to the npc's who aren't related to quests then you don't get this information. The information also comes with XP gains and more places on your map to be opened up for you.

Emotes are top notch and built for long lasting fun. You can just walk up and start playing in a band with other players! Pull out a chair and have a sit in the middle of the field. The RP capabilities in this game are insane! As it is based on the games years and years of lore, new game's can't touch this aspect for no one knows or cares of the lore. A player referring to himself as "this one" would let you know he is right away a khajiit. 

There are no cute characters here, these are hardened adventurers with no bow's in their hair and rainbow armor or ability to wield popsicles as swords. That's not to say that the character's aren't good looking, because they are. They can be made to look very cool and equipped to be completely badass with no dumb stats. Everything you do here is made to be straight to the point and give you choice. 

The abilities and skills are almost endless, giving you the ability to make the same character many many many times and never play them the same way twice. with only 6 active on your "bar" and one ultimate there are sooo many ways you are going to want to play. There is no overall restriction on no heals, like in GW2, so you can set up as a tank, dps or heals if you so wish, however is it not necessary as most builds allow you to have self heals. 

Graphics are insane, best to date eva! Just like in all Elder Scrolls games you get the details on every flower, every tree leaf and so forth. Add to that the day night cycle and weather effects to make the game world feel much more "live" than the cartoon sunshine that pop's up and goes down. 

Dungeons are dark and moody and filled with real time traps just like in all elder scrolls games. There are floor spear traps, fireball traps, real lava that 2 shots you (no swimming in lava like its water in WOW). Poison, webbing, etc. Trip wires are the worst and can really mess you up when you are heading down the hall with sights set on the mob ahead and then BOOM the room breaks out in fire! Sneaking and stealth are huge in this game just like in all elder scrolls games and are useful for hiding and stealthing mobs. Just like in dungeons they say "hello? Is someone there?"

There there is the just weird. I mean what is this thing? It looks like a beholder but much more evil! The evil in the elder scrolls is pretty hardcore, it's not a kiddie game or something with fluff and robots. The game is rated M for a reason and this game does it right!

Also world PVP is on such a large scale it's insane! It is like GW2 if you took all maps and combined them! You play in a group by following a leader and the train goes off to conquer places taken by the enemy, while your here however you can quest, you can harvest mats, you can collect skyshards, you can even do RIFTS . . . sorry sorry I mean Dark Anchors. These are things that open up from the vile plane of oblivion and drop monsters into our world so we can come together to conquer them and send them back home while earning blues and other great gear along the way. 

The more the better!! There is just soooooooo much to do in this game that you have to get in and play to see all the things that are happening. It's endless adventuring with a new thing to get interested in doing for a long time. We all know that one day housing, real housing will be here soon too and that will just be EPIC. 

There is sooooo much I can say about this game, but I'll wrap this up and let you guys look at all the races (Core races of Elder Scrolls), the classes (Endless possibilities), and things to do!

Also Wildstar beta's are up and will go till June 3rd, so if you like the cartoonie basic mmo with familiar tones. We have keys to get people into the game :)

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