Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summer 2014 Update Edition

RWBY Vol2. ~ Coming soon volume two of the coolest anime. Secrets hopefully uncovered as the story progresses. Watch the adventures of Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang on to catch up on old episodes.

Wildstar ~ Another MMO Launch disaster, laggy servers, errors, gold farmers and more. The core of
the game is well made however and play's fine if you have patience to wait for a 3 hour que time
to get into your home server. Control's decent, pvp decent, graphics are complete s**t as game is not optimized since beta, story is easily missed unless you want to read all day long boring WOW style text blocks from quest givers. New features like soldier beacons are fun to stop waves of approaching enemies, same grinding levels, dungeons, and many deaths due to under equipped gear and out leveling zone.

ESO ~ Launching it's first big adventure area for high end play. Lot's to do in this open world skyrim-esk game. High end graphics, amazing world, good controls, well done story and lore given in speech and interaction that's friendly and well received. Mega-server keeps us all up and running, huge huge huge pvp world map. Old school horse mounts and extra bag space, puzzles, rifts and more!

Warcraft ~ W.O.D. is finally playable in alpha, lot's of changes on classes, free 90's and more. With the new character art (hopefully new world art so we don't stick out like sore thumbs) this game will feel new to returning players. Going back in time to Draenor to do Outlands all over again, horray?

Diablo III ~ Prestige at 60, now just awaiting a come down in price on Reaper of Souls to get into the fun new parts of this great game. The cleric is the new class, there are rifts, and much more to do, loot is upped and bonus weekends are a great time to play.

TERA ~ If you missed your free .levelup, then hopefully you got your free 60 Reaper class in TERA. Repitious quests but very fun combat elements to this game. If you can handle the lag, this game has hand's down the best combat out there, the crafting has been all redone, just bring your credit card if you want decent looks for your toon.

SWTOR ~ A fantastic game, lot's to do from starfighter, to questing to now housing! Get prepared for this late summer for you housing! Heading for end game in this one, open's even more. Desert and ice planet's this game is up there for best MMO.

AION ~ Updated with new graphics, classes and more, this F2P game has lot's to do and many hours to play still after all this time.


DEFIANCE ~ Awaiting free to play with all DLC opened and ability to play with console players so we can drive buggy's around and crash into things.

MINECRAFT ~ Lot's of new players are good, rule breaking is bad, new player's tend to play as a solo all about me experience and destroy a server, but since there are many servers can easily reroll there.

GUILD WARS 2 ~ So many new changes in this game coming up it's going to be on to watch!

RIFT ~ Budgie and Squirrel mounts ruined this game.

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