Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Golden Standard Edition

The Gold Standard has arrived and it is in the form of an MMO based on the amazing history of the best games ever created. Long have the scrolls foretold of the coming of a new age an age of exploration and wonder!

The old empires have fallen!!!

Finally the nightmare is over and the polygon's are stricken from our sight. We are welcomed to this new era with well made realistic avatars, speech, stories, breathtaking scenery, places well known and traveled before that welcome us to travel them once again!

Ascend with us to a new level of play! Live another life in Tamriel!

Here there are no perceived classes, you make what you want, how you want. Wizard with a bow? Your golden! It's finally your game to play your way.

"No, no, you can't do that. You must keep playing the way I say." Hell NO! We've given you a finger and it's not that one, we've moved on to new lands, better lands!

Behold the ultimate world to explore and adventure in! A game world years old and reborn in a new way for us to enjoy all over again!

The details, the shadows, the lighting, weather, sights and sounds are top notch! A game with real immersion and the lore is vast. We are looking for fellow adventurers and gamer's to join us in this world as we leave the old one behind.

So RP friendly with many things to do and silliness to be had. Remember that ESO is now on steam and even sale! The more people we have the more can join our custom guild! We want you to join us in our adventure and travel along side us as we go to 50th and break off to new realms.

Shout to the heaven's "THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!" as you race friends to the sky shards!

Fish in exotic locations unlike anything you have even seen!

Get on your horse and ride for the largest world PVP in any game to date! A map so big it would include all the pvp maps from GW2 at once!

Engage in epic story lines with real voices, not just NPC's who scroll text at you! What's more epic then finding the naked nords pants!

We want everyone to play! Let's gather up like the old days and create a party of many to do the content we want to play on our terms. All level's can play together and we can venture where we want at anytime. No restrictions on level's! Give up the old games and get with the new.

Play as the award winning khajiit or the classic barbarian who needs a map to do anything! Ha! Khajiit is the bestest ever!!!

Or be a drow and ignore cats! Yes drow are amazing dark skinned elves and the game fully supports them heheh no no we know they are the Dunmer, but still come on! DROW. Ok I am almost out of screen shots of this great game, and I have seen many of you own it and more of you have bought it on steam so it's time to say . . .

as we sub back up!

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