Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Guild's Herald Edition

Hail and well met friend's! 

Welcome to the MMO Slayers's in game guilds, by joining us in game you can also join us on our web forums. Here you can discuss many topics, play many games and always be included in our gaming group.

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MMO Slayers (Gaming Group)

Eternal Knights (RIFT) / One Arm's Host (GW2) / 
Canadian Specter Brigade (Defiance) / MMO Slayers (Swtor) / 
Stormy's Legion (ESO) / Brotherhood of the Broken Blade (Neverwinter)

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RIFT - "Eternal Knights" 

• GM is Kyleowk / Officer is Pipermoon
     The guild here is low level working on getting our guild rank higher and recruiting more players! RIFT, Storm Legion and Nightmare Tide are what we are working on playing our way through until we hit end level then it's dungeons, raids, rifts, instant adventurers, jump puzzles, finding artifacts and PVP!

                                                         __________  ~~  __________

GW2 - "One Arm's Host" 

• GM is D1sc1ple 22  / Officer is Kaldain
     Guild Wars 2 guild is owned on Anvil Rock by D1sc1ple 22 and can be joined now as Megaserver technology allow us to join from our existing servers and all play together! Huge world PVP, experience trains, late game questing, and in game holiday events and dungeons we all can do together!

                                                        __________  ~~  __________

DEFIANCE - "Canadian Specter Brigade" 

• GM is Kaldain
     Driving ATV's and doing arcfall's along with now that it's free to play. We can finally play with our console buddies! Join up and watch the show along with the game. All new content is here that is DLC free and you get it by downloading it.

                                                        __________  ~~  __________

SWTOR - "MMO Slayers" 

•GM is Kaldain
     The guild is being set up by Kal, this game is F2P and there is no reason you can't join us! We are trying to get casual play once a week going on for this game as we run dungeons, get our new houses, do galactic missions, pvp, and quest! See Kal for more info

                                                           __________  ~~  __________

ESO - "Stormy's Legion" 

• GM is Mansong / Officer is Nycitemire
     Our guild in ESO is one of 5 you can have, while you should have a guild that is a large buying group our guild represents the MMO Slayers gaming group. Here you can play with people we know from the gaming group as we level to 50' and veteran quest, dungeon delve, raid, and world pvp with others on our team!

                                                           __________  ~~  __________

NEVERWINTER - "Brotherhood of the Broken Blade"

• GM is D1sc1ple 22 / Officer is Kaldain
     The guild is currently rebuilding and recruiting and wants people from here even if they do not play often. Get into Neverwinter and get your toon in the guild!

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