Monday, October 20, 2014

Top Games Edition

TOP MMO'S 2014

These are the top three MMO's that I played during 2014 and most likely into 2015 with nothing new on the horizon coming out besides Archage which looks good. Goals are to achieve end game toons in each of these games so if anyone from the group starts playing I am ready to go for dungeons, raids, adventurers, pvp and more. 

I have played now 3 months in both ESO and Wildstar and only technically one month in FF14 of which I got to level 35 of 50, but as of 10/20/14 the cap is now 60. Both ESO and Wildstar the cap is 50, with ESO having veteran levels soon to be replaced by a champion system to stop after end game endless grinding. I am both 45th in ESO and 45th in Wildstar as of the date today.


Games I can never seem to stop playing include of course SKYRIM which is the most fun game ever due to the endless parade of mods for this game making it something new to look forward to each time you play.

Some of the mod's I have on are: (Bandit Gangs) which allows random gangs to spawn in the world who want to beat your @$$ when they find you. (Extra Blood) which adds piles of blood, new art for decapitation, explosion of a person on a critical, more death moves, etc. (New Followers) Which has granted me two followers one is an assassin bow using woman the other is a healer to help me live and both attack my enemies for me like tanking while I mow them down with my bow.

The next great offline game from Steam that I can't stop playing is STATE OF DECAY. This zombie game is the best of what is out there for zombie games. James found this gem for me and I can't stop playing it. You choose a starter character, but when they did and they will, you auto hop to the next survivor at your safe house and continue the adventure. You have to sneak out at night or day, take cars like in GTA or walk, use an endless variety of weapons to kill different undead, complete goals, save survivors, do quests and so on.

There are also three DLC for this game which aren't in the game but are NEW games! One is endless play where it get's harder and harder as it goes until you are over run and die, but get to see how long you can hold out. The other is a military campaign where you play as the army coming in and trying to rid the zombies. This is one of the best games I have ever played as well this year which offers something to do every time you load it up.

The final of my three best games is the relaunch of CASTLEVANIA. I played the original on Nintendo back in the 80's which is where the love of this games lore comes from. After that there was a set of various games for other systems ending in what I played on the N64 which was a great game but hard to play and control.

The new series of games that they licensed and launched are terriffic! The controls are alot better, there are a huge set of new attacks and options. You don't die so quick and easy and you can actually get though the levels. This is the story of how the first of the Bellmonts became dracula and the games will eventually lead us back to where the entire series began with Simon at the end of the three new games.

The main thing in these games is that it's like old school console games in which you have to return to places to unlock things later after you gain new powers. There is lot's to uncover and find along with it's gothic theme this game is amazing fun.

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