Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Slayers Inquest "Winter Games Edition"

It's been an alright winter and some good games have been played, picked up and re-discovered. We are finally on a track to getting people playing together in those games as well. I believe at this time our number one MMO is GW2.

The guild is doing great and everyone seems to be having fun playing it and contributing to the guild we made in game. This only get's us better and more access to things in the game. Feel free to jump in, join up with us and start building "Influence".

As for other MMO's Wildstar is the one I am subbing to this year. I have been doing great at end game after hitting 50th. I have fun alts, housing, dungeons, keys to attune, new content to explore and more. Most likely no one will be joining me in this one, which is ok as I will build my empire in the game until such time as others do join up.

This is a WOW clone that is up todate for 2015 and much more fun than the original WOW. The space angle is great and there is so far no news of this game going F2P. Hopefully it can avoid the ESO deal and keep as it is with NC Soft, maybe picking up in the future. Regardless it is my main game that has a sub un-less it goes free.

Getting back to steam I can't still put down Skyrim, with more mods now than ever. I am currently attempting to add and EMB to redo the graphics on my world, which is a bit more complex than the standard mods I have been putting into the game. I have some kick ass mods that make the game insanely fun and immersive to play. With mods still coming out daily, fully voiced, with hours and hours of content, quests, new meshes, followers, houses and more. Nothing will ever beat Skyrim unless it is a new elder scrolls game.

The absolute hours anyone can play this game is crazy and never see the same thing twice. I know we have some Skyrim fans here and some good mod discussion would be worth bringing up. I watch a few youtube shows about mods which get better every week.

Starbound on steam has updated and comes with major content! New quest lines, things to do, races, more to explore, wear and wield. If you like Terraria or Minecraft you should pick up Starbound. While this is no game of the year, it is a fun little thing to play when you need to kill time, just like Minecraft as you build and have a good time.

Some more steam games that I looked into this winter were "Shadow of Mordor" which is amazing to play, like assassins creed in middle earth. "Saint's Row 4" which is very dirty adult humor, mixed with pop culture jokes, grand theft auto movement, and the matrix all in one.

Just thought I would put some winter gaming info up for anyone who also got into these great games or is looking to try them. I think our gaming group is doing very well for it's self, we just need to get more people talking.

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