Friday, April 10, 2015

The Slayers Inquest "I R Bored to Teirs" Edition

.....ZZZ   .....ZZZ

The MMO is dead. Were a MMO slaying site and I think we slew them all. The golden days of the MMO are gone, we don't group in one, we barely play one alone and if so totally alone (no other in game players). Communities are starved as too many are spread to far across too many games.

The last few months have been single player games for the most part the people in our group have been playing and not even group non-mmo's but straight single player games. We have exhausted all the MMO's and are left with nothing to look forward to but Crowfall and other tiny company MMO's.

On the one hand there are epic single player games out and coming out like:

  • Witcher 3
  • Pillars of Eternity
  • Fallout 4 to be announced soon
  • Elder Scrolls 6 to be announced soon

Even my last entry was mainly single player games like, Skyrim, Saints Row 4, and Shadow over Mordor. The only two MMO's I hit on were Wildstar and GW2, and with the rising cost of Wildstar at $20.00/month that is a non-possibility. 

So what are we playing? Hell I even bought us a Vent server to play games more as a gaming group and no one's been on it but Andrew for MC with two of us. Hmmm I am sure the glory days are over, no more WOW at it's peak, no more RIFT being new and interesting, no foreign games like AION and TERA to explore. Nope, just play what we have, stale as the day . . . 

As you can see from the top image I even tried ArcheAge to find the rumors are all true about hackers, bots and afk players ruining this game. Atop it's a kill 5 of this and 10 of that game to start with made it such a bore. Tried to replay RIFT, but over two days of playing I got one level and well, that is not good enough in today's gaming world.

I have deleted for the first time ever, SWTOR, TERA, AION,  EVE Online, UO, and more. They are just done, they need no more updates or place taking up room on the computer. The only ones left, are WOW, GW2, FF-Online, ESO and Wildstar, and even they are not being played. 

Is this the era of the single player computer game? I started computer gaming to play online and moved away from console, but if this is the future a PS4 might be worth my time. I am more excited to play Dragon Age Inquisition or BloodBorne at the moment or hell even Destiny over PC games. 

The world has changed and MMO's are a sad sad play to win world with angry gamer's who've left and little kids and broke ass losers who join to kill time. We shall see what this year brings, but so far the shifting has begun away from the MMO towards the single player game. 

So board . . .  

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